Tomtom LIVE models hit the FCC


Dec 19, 2008
Boston, MA, USA
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TomTom Model(s)
Tomtom GO for Android
New Tomtom LIVE models have just been approved on the FCC website.

I'll research more about them tonight and see what info I can dig up. They are probably the GO 2505 LIVE and GOO 2535 LIVE as announced earlier.


At first glance, there appear to be 3 separate models: a GO LIVE model, a VIA 4.3" (non-LIVE), and a VIA 5" (non-LIVE).

This pretty much matches the models recently posted on the Tomtom website, so I haven't found any new info so far.


Tomtom just announced the PRO 7150 for North America.

There were two LIVE devices on the FCC site, one appears to be the already announced GO 2535 M LIVE. The other appears to be this PRO 7150 model, as the other model had a "PRO" designation on the FCC site.

From the press release, the PRO 7150 seems like the corporate/fleet twin of the GO 2535M LIVE. It has the same GO2535 M LIVE features, with the addition of WORKsmart and WEBFLEET integration.

I had originally thought the GO2505 LIVE was the second device, but it's possible that the GO2505LIVE's release was canceled in favor of the GO2535LIVE.
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