Laguna 3 Carminat TomTom

May 7, 2021
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Hi all..
Haven't had any problems with the tomto since the day I got the car - but now the satnav is now showing my location has being 2 or 3 miles away from my current location. I have updated the Card with new maps and also did a full reset but without too much joy still have the same problem. Can anyone shed any light on what could be wrong? - update. This is what I have on the screen - the current location should be Newton - and as you can see Zero Sat's and date and time set to 1st of Jan at 12 midnight. 3 Ideas of thought - 1) has this unit got the TomTom Rider 2013 which maybe something to do with it. For the past few months the clock hasn't been showing the time and would only show it after 20min to over an hour of driving. 2) When I update the SD card no matter if I leave it an hour and plug it back in again to the PC, it tells me that the UK maps need updating which it then downloads and transfers to the SD card even if I have already done it. So is SD card corrupted in some way (I can read it in windows) or 3) is the Sat control modular given up or has the sat nav aerial needs replacing? if anyone can help? Thanks Martin.


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0 satellites and no memory of the time ... hmmm ...
Would be good to work on that issue first.
What files do you see in the 'ephem' folder on your device when hooked up to your PC, and what are the date/timestamps on them?

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