MyDrive Connect and Carminat Tom Tom Life

Mar 15, 2021
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Carminat Tom Tom Life
Привіт друзі.
У мене на моєму Renault Clio 3 є Carminat Tom Tom Life. Я хотів би підключити його до MyDrive Connect, але комп’ютер цього не бачить. Можливо, хтось може мені допомогти. На підтримку я не міг знайти відповіді на цю проблему.
Дякую за відповідь.
Hi friends.
I have a Carminat Tom Tom Life on my Renault Clio 3. I would like to connect it to MyDrive Connect, but the computer does not see it. Maybe someone can help me. In support, I could not find an answer to this problem.
Thanks for the answer.
@Yaroslav Download MiDive Connect from here for Windows 10

@Yaroslav Загрузите MiDiveConnect отсюда для Windows 10
Geez - can't even find my way around a Cyrillic keyboard layout these days. I am getting old (sigh).

Если память у меня хорошая --- Я забываю больше русских слов, чем помню ...
Ваш Carminat Live должен быть подключен к программному обеспечению TomTom Home (более старая версия) и не подключен к MyDrive Connect.

Didn't realise that Carminat Live is old and needs TomTom HOME, not MyDrive Connect.

Не понимал, что Carminat Live устарел и требует TomTom HOME, а не MyDrive Connect.
Yeah, you hit 'submit' while I was still struggling with the keyboard for my post!
From the above, I realized my Carminat Live with My Drive Connect is not working. Then I have another question. In TOM TOM HOME menu is a route planner. I have planned a route, how can it be transferred to my navigator?

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