Issue with Go 730 voices

Feb 5, 2009
Hi, I bought this new piece 2 days back. After that i had to format the GPS and reinstall the Maps due to some issue with the maps. After that I am not able to get default TomTom Computer voices. I am not sure how can i get them back. :mad:

Any help here is really appreciated.

I have the same problem on the 920.

No computor voices are available in the "Change Voice" option. I have downloaded KATE using "Home" and it shows it has installed, however still does not appear in the "Change Voice" option.

Looking at the unit I notice that "kate.tle" appears in the "Voices" folder, however the files (same size as appeared for the download) appear in a folder named "Loquendo TTS".

Not sure where to go from here. "Kate" is the only computor voice that shows it can be downloaded and is shown to be located on the device. All the others have in RED ... this item cannot be used with the current version of the TomTom application on your device.....

The application version is 8.302 (9738/090225) OS:244890

Any suggestions where to go from here? I have considered deleting all voices from the unit and trying a clean install, however being a new user of the TomTom are nervous to try this.
Then perhaps your thought about using Home to remove voices from the unit and reinstalling is a good one. Try that.
Hi, same problem with a 720 Go. Computor voices worked but have stopped . Not sure if related to updates of home.
Tried reset pin still not working.
Delete the LoquendoTTS folder from your Tomtom, and delete the mydocuments\tomtom\home\download\complete\computervoice folder from your computer.

Then do these steps to remove and reinstall the application
Then disconnect the tomtom, and power off and back on
Then reconnect to HOME, go to "add voices" and you should be able to download your computer voices again

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