TT Go730 bluetooth issues

Jul 11, 2009
Hi all

Loving my new TT G730 for taking me places so I thought I would get a bluetooth phone (finally!) to enable the handsfree option.

The phone was listed as being compatible on the TT website. It is a Sony Ericson W595.

The phone has bluetooth is set to on and is set to being visible.

When the TT searches for the phone it finds it and knows that it is a W595. The phone asks to allow this action and I get the chance to type the password '0000'. The connection lasts for about 2 seconds and then disconnects.

I have tried everything and now I ask if any gurus out there have any ideas?!

Thanks in advance

I find this happens when the battery is low. Plug in the car charger - power both items off and repower up - it should then work.
Do it the other way first. On your phone, make a connection to the 730. That should work OK and get the 730's name in the phones list of allowable devices

Then, on the 730, do it all again. You will still have to enter "0000" as before, but maybe you'll get more time.

as far as I know you can't connect the phone to the TT - the TT has to connect to the phone

But as it turned out I did a reset on the TT and then it connected and has done every time!

I love the hands free....working well

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