GO730 won't touch...

Apr 23, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
GO730, 1535 M, ONE 130
My GO730 will not respond to touching the screen. Is there any help for this? I like this machine better than the newer model that I bought more recently.
Guess we need to back up a step. Are you saying that it powers on normally, and you get the normal startup sequence to the map view, but cannot get it to respond to any touches then?
I connect to PC through USB. Turn TomTom on. Normal intro screen comes on. Then comes to screen "Do you want to connect to computer?" YES NO. Touching screen to make selection does not work. Same situation when using in car, comes to first place where touch is required, and touch will not activate.
There are times when touchscreen calibration goes all wonky and things don't respond where you press them. That is possible on the "Yes/No" when USB connected. However, if pressing anywhere on the map screen (you ARE getting that far?) produces no results, then the entire touch panel seems to be shot. It CAN be replace either as just the touch panel (dirt cheap but a lot of work) or you can replace the whole LCD display with touch panel (a little more, but not a difficult job). If it looks like the whole panel is an issue, let us know and we'll see who has them online these days. A while back, there were a lot of choices on eBay for less than $30, and it won't take you more than 15 minutes to do it. Even Amazon shows them as available.

Search specifically for this >>>
Without connecting to PC, the TomTom goes on to the map screen, but the panel is non-responsive. I agree it is shot. I found it on Amazon, and will try the repair later. Thanks so much for the info!!!
Before you do that -- TRY using the reset button recessed in the bottom of the unit. GENTLY press with a paperclip or similar for a few seconds and release.

If you need to do the repair, let us know We've got some good tutorials on opening a 730 up.
Thanks, I did try the reset, before I opened the thread.... I will check for the tutorials...
OK, I have my GO730 working!! I ordered both the digitizer screen and the screen and display assembly. I tried to remove the old digitizer screen, but it was VERY FIRMLY attached to the display. So, I just replaced the whole assembly, and it works just fine. NOW, I would like to get the digitizer screen off of the old display, but when I try to separate them, the digitizer starts to crack and shatter. Is there a way to separate the two with out risk of damage?

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