GO730 quirks

Mar 23, 2009
Dorset, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Go730, GO51
Hi all. My GO730 is behaving oddly. It always used to display the local speed limit in the status bar, and the bar would turn red if (er, when) I exceed the limit. Now it doesn't show the limit, but the status bar still turns red. Can I restore this?
Also, I don't want the compass (shows degrees from North) but I can't get rid of it. I've unticked the option in preferences, but it's still there. The little rotating icon is there too, don't need both. Reset didn't affect it.
Finally, if I restore factory settings, will I lose any favourites or downloaded POIs?

Hope someone can help, thanks in anticipation....
Item 1 - speed limit. There's just so much you can jam into the status bar. Have you added something new?
Change preferences / couple of right arrows / Status bar preferences / Horizontal / Next / .. select Maximum speed. What else is selected that might preempt adding that? Anything? I keep max speed, remaining distance and Show lane guidance (and not compass!)
Item 2 - Well, don't know about the compass issue. See above and try resetting those features for the status bar.
Item 3 - Factory reset WILL wipe out favorites unless you save them separately as a POI file, but will not disturb your custom POI files. However, you can also keep 'safe' copies of any of your custom POI files on your PC (a good idea in any case) by going into your map folder and grabbing any *.ov2 and associated *.bmp files and copying them to a folder on your PC. You can also use Home to do that.

Now - as to the favorites. Also in your map folder is a file called mapsettings.cfg. KEEP a safe copy on your PC of that file as well, and you will be able to restore them later if anything goes seriously south, or for some reason down the road, you do need to perform a factory reset.
Hmm, that's odd; I put max speed back into the status bar and Lo! the unwanted compass disappeared. Thankyou!! I'm not in the car so I can't check if the speed limit
Wonderful! all the desired features have reappeared and the compass is gone. Many thanks for comprehensive reply; the supplementary information about files was especially useful. Bravo!

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