go 730 screen issues. Mine had issues (as it turns out both did) staying synched with

Aug 21, 2011
I purchased 2 GO 730s less than a year ago I kept one and gave one to my daughter. She used it for a while and noticed it would switch to searching for police stations without touching the screen. I see this is common enough to appear in many forums. I tried the bezel cleaning and she doesn't use a screen protector so nada. Mine had issues (as it turns out both did) staying synched with my cell phone. After one day she told me my unit was changing screens in the same way. That had not happened on mine before. Didn't synch mine to Home or anything and it was warm but not particularly hot outside recently.

What the heck?

We both had GO 510s and went with the sleeker 730s. No problems to speak of with the 510s. Do I need to go with Garmin or can I salvage the 730s? ::confused:
For the past couple of months, we have been seeing many reports on this and other forums about strange screen behaviour on 630 and 730 models which don't seem attibutable to dirt under the bezel or screen protectors.

There does seem to be some correlation with the screen behaviour and the unit being kept in a location where it is heated up from the sun. (warping the unit??)

A couple have tried loosening off the screws on the back slightly to have some success.

It is a most disturbing problem with no apparent permanent solution.
permanent solution

I had the same issue with my Go 730 which was a shame as it is a good unit other than this screen issue.

I DO however have a permanent solution and that is a Garmin unit.

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