GO 730 touch screen errors

Jul 2, 2011
What do you suggest for a GO 730 that without touching the screen or using voice address input, starts selecting pages on its own and ends up at the viewing page for POI for a police station nearest you or a map correction? I cleaned the screen using a dry lint free cloth and it does not solve the problem. It does appear worse during hot weather.
A usual cause is dirt under the bezel. Take the sharp edge of a business card and SLOWLY move around the perimeter of the screen.

Some also find that, if there is a screen protector, it dries out over time, causing pressure on the screen.

If neither of the above solves the problem, you might want to consider easing off the screws on the back ever so slightly as I've heard reports of the frame expanding in hot weather and causing extra pressure on the screen. But try the other options first.
dhn - a mystery...

Why does this almost ALWAYS (99% of the time) impact the upper right corner of the screen. I bet if we went back and counted, almost every report would be of a phantom touch to the upper right, causing the first menu + Help me + Walk to help + Nearest police station... a succession of right upper presses. Why would crud have a tendency to collect there and not along the BOTTOM of the screen where you'd more likely expect it?

Further to that, why do so many units seem to exhibit this problem more often when the bezel, made of some thermoplastic or another, begins to warp(?) with heat? Seems to me there's a fundamental design issue with the way the bezel is being held in at the top, aggravating any bit of fluff that might be caught under there. Strange, isn't it?

To the OP - the cleaning may well work. It does most of the time. That said, we have had a few folks who question what's happening with the bezel shape and retention mechanics on their units, too.

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