Ipod with 910

Oct 9, 2006
I just purchased an Ipod cable for my 910. When the cable was attached it recognized the Ipod, and the Ipod screen reached, but it stalled at 10% and said no songs or audio books found. I have a lot on the Ipod, and have no idea what the problem is. My Ipod was formated on a Mac, and the disc has a lot of free space. Any ideas out there? My search has not come up with anything on this forum to help.
Finds no songs. I did get a reply from TomTom=== New software should be out shortly. May have to do with Ipod software update and Itunes 7.0 changes.
My Mac-formatted iPod connected right up with the 910, but I preferred to fill the gps from my laptop instead.

On a separate note, were you ever able to use "advance planning" with your Mac connected to the TomTom? I've never made it work; there's no way to see a live TomTom screen on the mac. TomTom tech support has assured me that it works, but they haven't shown me how.

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