ipod / 910 question

Jul 23, 2007
My stereo has one AUX input. If I read the description right, the iPod cable simply controls the iPod, rather than playing the ipod through the tomtom. Is this correct? Does this mean that I can't use the single aux input on my stereo for both directions/HF calls, and my iPod? I gotta pick one or the other, or am I missing something?

Hello and welcome.
If you would like to hear your tomtom(phone calls, driving directions) and IPOD in one AUX outlet, you will first need the TomTom Ipod cable. This will connect your ipod to your tomtom allowing you to control your Ipod with your TomTom. The audio aux cable should run from your x10 mount into your Aux. This will allow you to hear your tomtom through the car's speakers. Use ur tomtom to control your IPOD and you have all the funcitons. I also recommend users to download the slient voice if they only want to hear the music on their Ipod when Navigating.

Good Luck
Thanks, the description on TT's website wasn't too clear - it indicates that the headset jack of the ipod gets connected to the stereo's aux input, leaving me with nowhere to plug my 910 in. Since that appears to not be the case, I will be picking an ipod cable up later this week.


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