Installing POI's on TomTom XXL540TM

Sep 15, 2010
I just purchase the TomTom XXL540TM GPS and am trying to set it up as best I can. I have owned Garmin GPS' for several years and am quite proficient at setting up POI's on my Garmin models. But, I wanted to give TomTom a try. I downloaded and installed TomTom Home and was able to update the device and install the updated maps. All went well until I tried to install the Red Light Camera data on the GPS. I have tried several times both yesterday and today and I keep getting an internal server error. Since I was able to download everything else I tried from TomTom, I assume there is an error at TomTom. My question now is can I install the POI's I download from POI Factory onto the TomTom. For example - the Red Light Cameras. I have read somewhere that the audio file must have an .ogg extension. I haven't see a red light aural alert with that extension. Where is the best place to download POI's for the TomTom? Thanks for any help.:)
All custom .ov2 (POI) files go directly in the specific map folder. Use Explorer (or Finder on a Mac) to move the files there.

In Manage POIs, you then can select the categories to show on the map.

Also, you can choose to 'Warn when near poi' and select from a variety of sounds as well as the distance from the poi when you want the warning to kick in.

Finally, you can choose to have the warning only when the poi is on a route (you've got to have a route planned to use this choice).

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