Ineed some technical assistance on a few questions

Jun 22, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
go700, go730

I did some searches but here, but I was unable to find anything helpful, probably my fault. My apologies if this has already been answered somewhere.:rolleyes:

I recently bought a GO 730T on ebay and it is missing the TMC antenna and a remote control, so I looked around on ebay and found a load of Tom Tom antennas, secondhand, for sale. I found out that some use a small USB connector which I believe is not compatible to my 730, and some use a small stereo jack with 3 connections on it, this appears to be the type I need, but I was wondering if there is more than one type? Can anyone confirm or deny this please? e.g. can I buy any of the ones with the correct plug? There is even a stick version that looks really attractive.....

Also, a friend of mine in the UK has a remote control from a TTGO 700 from 2006 that he does not require anymore, and as my 730 does not have one, I was wondering if it is also compatible with my 730? It looks slightly different I am told. (by the way, I live in Germany and I don't want him to send it if it doesn't work together with the 730T....)

Another question, just for fun :thumb:, can I buy the "Truck" maps for my 730? I cannot find anything about them on Tom Tom's web sites.....though the 730 Truck versions go for much bigger money than I paid for mine so expect that they are very expensive....

I am sure that the questions are pretty simple for you Guys, but for me they are not......:mad:

Many thanks and have a great day.


Regarding the 730T RDS/TMC Cable

Thanks for your comments and link.

But if you look in the manual (I did for the first time today and rather answered my own question on this point) for the tom Tom 730T, it has a small socket for the TMC/RDS antenna on the bottom (I) and the antenna is shown without a charger in the second picture, (I have copied both these pictures out of the online 730T manual.) Socket (J) is probably for an external GPS antenna.

To me they indicate that having two sockets, one explicitly for an antenna and a USB as well, probably both antenna types will actually work.......the link kindly sent shows that the one with a charger included does work with the 730 according to Tom I can buy either I feel.

So I will buy the cheaper one first to try as I do already have a car charger or two!

What do you Guys think?

Thanks in advance


PS. There appears to be at least 3 types around, one with USB but no charger (useless for mine), one with a charger and USB and one without but with a different connector for the other socket! I am not saying that these are the only ones available though!


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I do not believe the earlier types of rds-tmc antennas work any longer with your device. But not 100% sure.......
I think you will probably have difficulty finding the older style antenna with the split connection, even if they would work with the current firmware (9.430), which as dhn points out, is another problem to address. The new single cable charger/RDS that connects only to USB is probably the only device that you will be able to both find and that works.
Minor Update Antenna and remote controls and their compatability.

It appears that either antenna will work with the 730T, I have working the one that needs the power supply plugging into itand then the antenna is plugged into the Tom Tom. This works perfectly.
I have not had a chance to try the older antenna type myself, maybe someone else can let us know for certain.
By the way, my 730T has the latest firmware updates as of July 2012, just in case this makes a difference to compatibility.
I also wanted a remote for my 730T and I found it confusing as to which one I needed and as to how many types there are.
Now I think that I have "cracked" this as I had a GO 500/700 one handy, that I tested first on a 700 to prove it was working, which it was, but my 730T did not react. This is the remote WITHOUT the silver volume control.
I bought on ebay one WITH the silver volume control, installed new batteries and it worked immediately.
I now believe there are actually only two models of remote and they are easily identified by the lack or not of the volume control....I have posted a line drawing of the later one WITH volume control here.
By the way, the first time you open the later version up to change the batteries, its a fiddle, but once you have seen how simple the mechanism is, it won't be a problem again!!!
The early one is easy and obvious in how batteries are replaced, so that is another easy way to differentiate....
I do not believe anymore that there are 3 different versions, I believe now that there are only 2.....


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