I can't reset or recover smart25

Aug 8, 2019
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smart 25
Please can anyone help me,i haven't used my smart 25 for a while but when ive I tried to use it all I get it the dark screen with tomtom and circle with hands on. ive tried doing reset but nothing changes I just get the drum roll over and over again no white writing. also when trying to do reset/updates no computer is recognising my device. what can I do im not very good at tech stuff so if anyone can help a dummy like me id be very grateful
Welcome to TomTomForums.

Did you download and install the program MyDrive Connect from the TomTom web site?

With a fully charged device open the MDC software, connect your device via PC cable and tell us what you see there, step by step.
Yes I've installed my drive connect but it says connect device where it shows my products but I just can't get the add new device to find it no matter how I unplug it restart etc I've tried holding on/off button for 10 minutes but just keep getting drum roll tried different usb ports and different leads to no avail
Holding the power button down for an extended period should bring up the white on black text screen no matter what else is wrong.
Need to be 100% sure that the device is being adequately charged. Do you have a 'wall wart' that you can use to charge it, rather than a USB port on the PC, and do you have another cable you can swap for the one you have been using?
I will try again holding the button in hopefully it works but what if that doesn't work and yes been charged fully
If you can't bring the white on black diagnostic screen up with a prolonged press of the power button, you've got something pretty unique happening that I don't think we can help with. A problem of that sort would indicate something wrong with the underlying boot code of the device.
Well left on charge through wall usb charger but still doesn't reset so does this mean it's for the bin then

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