How do you stop Home from asking to update?

Sep 20, 2008
Tampa, FL USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
How do you stop TomTom home from asking you to update something? Ever since my last reformat of my device to help out another member on here, TomTom Home keeps asking me to "update" my Susan computer voice to version 691, but I have version 700 installed. I cannot install any other version of Susan or else TTS will not work.

I think I read on how to do this but I can't remember what thread that was since it was weeks/months ago when this was asked. Also, I don't remember if there was a way to really stop TomTom Home from asking, or if the remedy was to just simply "uncheck" the update every time I hit "update my GO"

Oh and another strange thing is also happening. Every single time I hit "update my GO" it is telling me that mapshare updates are available. Every time I update them, it copies them to my device and says update complete. Home is really just copying the same latest update files over and over to my device. Anyone ever have this happen to them? It's strange because I used to complain that I never got enough mapshare updates, but now TomTom is retaliating by pretty much saying "YOU WANT MAPSHARE UPDATES!?!?!? HERE'S YOUR FRIGGIN UPDATES!!! *Shoves updates repeatedly in my face non-stop*"

Thanks all.
Well after thinking I thought I would try something, and it worked.

I just let Home install the updates, fully closed Home, then manually copied back my original voice files using Explorer and all is well. Now when I hit "update my GO" it no longer asks me to update Susan since Home "thinks" I already "updated" Susan.

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