6200 how to stop auto turn on with power switch on

Feb 26, 2020
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Go 6200

Is there a way to stop the TomTom turning back on every time I turn the car on, thus enabling power to the 12v power, really annoying if you power down the device, stop somewhere and start off again and up pops the satnav and you don't need it?
I haven't seen such a request before.
I only know the opposite,at Settings > System > Battery one can disable the auto shut off.
With the superior magnetic mount I am surprised to hear that someone would leave this expensive unit unattended in the car.
Thanks, it may not be left unattended, I may just be stopping and starting, and if so, it's really annoying that even though I've shut the device down (and not just to sleep) that every time I start up again the TomTom restarts as well
Since its current mode of operation probably suits 99% of users, I doubt we'll see TomTom add a configuration option to defeat the auto-on with external power sensing. It's really no different than having an inbuilt satnav appear on the dash each time the car is started - set up that way for the same reason, I would imagine. Even shorter trips can encounter unusual traffic, which is nice to know about and route around. I most often know exactly where I'm going, but leave the device on just to know if my route is optimal given the traffic of the moment.

Is there something specific about having the device operating when it is not needed that is causing issues for you, or is it just the principle of the thing? If the former, we might brainstorm some kind of work-around.
I understand the above, but you have sleep mode as well, so in the above scenario sleep mode is perfect, as it also auto goes to sleep when power is taken off by the vehicle being turned off. But why bother having a power off function where the unit totally shuts down, only for it to totally reboot on again just because the vehicle has been turned off and back on again for a moment. My previous TomTom was off and stayed off until I decided I wanted it back on.
A total power off is useful when the unit will be undocked for some period of time and you don't want the battery going flat. In 'Sleep' mode, the device is still powered, though at a low level, and WILL drive the battery flat over a period of a couple of days.
I have just purchased a TT Classic and like Gashart I also find the auto turn on annoying as I too only use the device occassionaly, the only way I am able to deal with this annoying feature (it didn't happen with my previous TT) is to disconnect it from the external power supply.

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