Apr 23, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
  • This question is similar to one asked in Nov 2018. My 6200 cuts out at random then starts up again. There is no 15 sec warning, just 'shutting down' and a white moving circle. Some 30 secs later it will start similar to after an update. The Tom Tom sound and then the white line at the bottom and then the map. The destination is lost, usually as well. I also have a dash cam powered from the same output and it continues to operate normally. Any suggestions? Cheers.
IF your 6200 battery is flat when this occurs, then that would explain the reboot IF power connection is intermittent.
IF your 6200 battery is NOT flat when this occurs, then there's something crashing the device causing spontaneous reboots.
Can you identify which might be the case with the 'battery gauge' when this happens?
Where do I find the battery gauge? Nothing in the manual or in settings.
The device is set to automatically turn off when power is disconnected.
It turns on again when connected to the DC socket in my car.
When I update which is around monthly, it is not connected to power but updates okay so I would think that the battery is charged.
The dash cam is not interrupted so intermittent power does not seem to be the cause.
Unless there is a problem with the sat nav cradle or power lead.
The device is around 5 months old so that should not be the cause.
It is connected to my mobile via WiFi, A Samsung Galaxy A5. There is no problem with the phone.
When you press the Menu button to take you to the configuration options, there is a little battery icon/indicator in the upper right corner, just to the left of the angled arrow. Without power connected, you will see the state of the battery charge. More white to the right indicates more charge. When power is connected, you just get the little lightning bolt indicating that it's powered externally. THAT should always appear when the device has external power.
Intermittent power at the connector/cable of the 6200 itself wouldn't be indicated in the power to your dash cam, so yes, it is still possible.
Connection to your Galaxy won't have an impact on any rebooting issues.

So next time this happens, disconnect power from the device and have a look at the battery indicator.

It could be another issue altogether that is causing the reboots, but I wanted to be sure we didn't have a power issue first, rather than chasing our tails for a wrong reason.
I have just checked and the battery indicator is almost full. As I use it almost every day for several hours I would think that the battery will usually be well topped up. I will keep the device turned on tomorrow whilst in my car to check again. I will also check that the lightning bolt is on, though I will probably not notice if it goes off when/if the device turns off.
"Shutting down" isn't something you will see if the device crashes, nor is it what you would normally see if you have configured it to automatically shut down with loss of external power. The latter always includes the count-down timer that you mentioned. A straight "Shutting Down" is typically what follows when the battery is so depleted that the device believes it can no longer operate successfully on what's left of the charge. But you say your device pops right back up after a reboot. That's what is confusing about this. I don't know of another condition that should cause "Shutting Down" with no other indication (e.g., a timer) about why it is occurring. If you had an intermittent connection, long before the battery was depleted, you'd get the timer as it was taking its sweet time about shutting down, and even THEN, it would go into "Sleep" mode, which does not require a reboot to awaken.

Sounds like it's worth a call to tech support there in the UK. If you make any headway, please advise.
Thanks for that. I will contact tech support for their input. I have kept it going every time I have used the car since this thread started and so far it has not shut down. I am beginning to think that it will be difficult to pinpoint, but I will keep trying. Again thank you for your help.
My GO 6200 was bought in Dec 2016, and was absolutely fine for nearly 3-years but for the past 6-months keeps randomly freezing and shutting down. I always update the software, and it is connected on the car power supply when it keeps shutting down and coming back on. Sometimes it displays the "Shutting Down" message but other times the screen goes a weird darker blue colour, has frozen and then just goes black. About 20- to 30-seconds later it comes back on, but keeps doing this every 3-minutes or so.

You cannot use it for a journey and it does not resolve itself even during a 2hr plus journey ! When starting it does the TomTom bong sound, as a reset.

I am waiting for TomTom support to resolve, but in the meantime have read these threads - so my information adds to above.
Just to be sure, you do charge it for over 2 hours from a wall charger (mains) before you start your trip.
I was having this same problem on my GO 6200. Eventually I was frustrated enough to purchase a refurbished GO Premium. Once I had the new one I decided to fully reset the GO 6200 back to factory settings, once I did this the problem disappeared and the device worked perfectly, so I have now retained this one as a backup. I should have done the reset before going to the expense of purchasing another device (live and learn eh?)

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