How do I stop TT Home coming up instead of my home page?

Nov 11, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Really anoying. When I log onto laptop first time it takes me to TT Home instead of my usual home page, but after that if I stay looged in and go into IE it doesn't. I looked all over the TT Home deal and I can't find any settings.


Presume you mean the "MyTomTom" webpage? (TT Home is a completely different stnd-alone program for older TT models)

Specific settings will be in different places for each browser but in Firefox for example, you go to Tools/Options/General tab and select "On startup - Go to my homepage" and set the homepage to whatever you want in the next box.

Is that set correctly for you in IE?

Does it make a difference whether the TomTom is connected to the PC or not?If it is, then MyTomTom will always start up, but on my PC it will start in anew browser page. Again, whether that happens for you that may be down to your individual settings in IE.

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