Herro Guys

Dec 25, 2010
How long (appox) does it take to update/install a new map pack on the tomtom? Mine has been going quite a long time, it does not seem like it should take this long. I know it is a fairly large file but come on. How long for you?
What map? Single country or region (like UK and Ireland) or whole continent (like Europe or the US and Canada)?

Also there are loads of other factors involved....

Your connection / Broadband speed? Wired or Wireless? Time of day? (TT's servers get very overloaded at times)

And finally, is this using the "Home" utility for older TomTom models, or the new "MyTomTom" program used by the Go1000/2000 and "Via" models.

For a download from "Home" of a single country, I would suggest roughly 15-30 minutes, and for the whole of Europe 1-3 hours (America is smaller) as ball-park figures,,,, but I've seen and heard of download times of 5-8 hours before now for the complete Western and Central Europe maps.
USA, Canada, & Mexico

the download is not really the problem. it is the install part that is taking forever.
TT Home or MyTT?

I've had some recent download/installs on MyTT, which have taken forever (overnight), and I gave some figures for Home above.

What messages (if any) are you seeing?
Map's download from Tomtom's servers to your computer first. That part takes 20 minutes to 10 hours, depending on congestion on Tomtom's servers. The Usa/Canada/Mexico map is 2GB.

The second step is the transfer from your computer to your Tomtom. That should take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your Tomtom model and it's USB speed. There were software bugs on older app versions that increased this time to 5 hours, but they've been fixed now. Make sure you do "Update my XL" and download the latest app before doing the map update.

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