Hi Guys and Gals

Dec 19, 2011
Glasgow UK
TomTom Model(s)
One 2nd Edition
Hi everyone

I have joined the TomTom forums so I can learn more about the GPS Devices and hopeful contribute useful or interesting posts too.

I actually run a Computer Support Forum but I really fancy learning more about GPS Devices by looking into problems and solutions here.

The TomTom Device that I have is the New Edition not sure if it is the 2nd or 3rd edition though, had it for about 3 years now and has served me well. I have just purchased the latest UK and Ireland Maps and Safety Camera alerts too from tomtom website as they were a couple of years out of date.

Thanks :)
Welcome to the forum. Other mods will be by later to say hello I am sure.
Welcome aboard Makcalable, great to have you join here :).
Hi and welcome.... :)

The TomTom Device that I have is the New Edition not sure if it is the 2nd or 3rd edition

That's a TomTom ONE for sure, but TT themselves caused HUGE confusion over the different numbering systems for all the different versions of the ONE by releasing new models but with the same name

Unfortunately, UK retailers then started calling them by "V" numbers that didn't match anything that TomTom called them, and TomTom Home called them something different again.

{anorak mode on}

Here's a list I made a while back, using the "v" numbers that TomTom Home uses (or used):

v1 = Original "One" - (UK retailers call these the "V1")
v2 = never released
v3 = the One "New Edition" (now called by TomTom the "Second Edition") (UK retailers call these the "V2")
v4 - The first with GL Hammerhead GPS chipset, flash memory and SD card slot , Bluetooth, but no RDS-TMC connection, but it was very short lived - possibly only available in the US.
v5 = Original One XL
v6 = One Third Edition Europe unit (UK retailers call these the "V3")
v7 = One Third Edition Regional unit (UK retailers call these the "V3")
v8 = One New version with fold away mount. Sometimes called the "30 Series" or "22" model (UK retailers call these the "V4")
v9 = XL New version with fold away mount Sometimes called the "30 Series" or "22" model (note it's no longer called the "One XL", just the "XL")

{anorak mode off}

The easiest way to get a definite answer as to what to call it NOW, is to put the first two characters of your serial number in to the box here.

This might not be the same as was written on the packaging, but at least everyone can call them the same thing now!

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