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Aug 26, 2012
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
XL (30 Series) / 330 - 1GB
I wonder if any of you kind gents would be able to help me. I bought a job-lot of moving crates and the contents. There was a tomtom in one no leads no nothing. I have managed to charge up the unit, and on the screen it is saying 'waiting for a valid GPS signal'. I am in Brighton UK and no i havent taken it anywhere except for the garden as i understand a line of sight must be had. It is a model N14644 Canada 310. Is it, basically useless? I have more junk than i need so if no good, im gonna rercycle it!

Looks like he's helped us out .. I'm seeing XL330 now.

To the OP ..

I am guessing it has been a very long time since anyone has used this unit.

First, please make a backup of your unit per this link >>> https://www.tomtomforums.com/t17864-how-backup-contents-your-unit-computer-how-restore.html

Having done that, download and install the utility at this link. This utility is used to talk to your TomTom and update it. >>> http://www.tomtom.com/services/service.php?id=16&tab=87

Plug your unit in to your PC's USB port with an appropriate (USB-A to USB-MiniB cable, readily available) and turn it on, and for the moment, just ignore the Home application when it fires up (connection of the unit should cause Home to auto-start) and any updates that it is recommending to you. We'll get to that in a minute.

Using your PC, and looking at the TomTom as an external disk drive, delete of the content inside the "ephem" folder, but not the folder itself, on your XL unit.

Now, using Home, perform a proper USB disconnect of your XL ("Device / Disconnect Device" from the tab at the top, or just use the blue arrow in the lower right corner) . Then shut down the Home application.

Disconnect your XL from your PC, and plug it in again, allowing Home to start up again. At this point, Home will be asking to update your unit with several things, not least of which is new GPS QuickFix data. After the update is completed, properly disconnect your unit again.

Now, pretend you are starting up the unit, but continue to hold down the power button until you see the TomTom logo and hear the 'drum' beat. It will take about 20 seconds from the time you start holding down the button. Immediately release the button when you hear the drums start. This resets the unit.

Now, get the out in open sky and turned on for at least 12-1/2 minutes. It might not take that long, but that's the maximum it should take. See how it does then.
Ok, done all that, the unit was up to date, i took it for a drive earlier and still getting 'waiting for a valid GPS signal' so i guess it is going to join the satellites in the sky!! Thanks very much for all your kind help, youre doing a great job helping people out there.

Judging by your comments, would i be correct in assuming it an obsolete model also?

The unit "was up to date"? Hmm... something amiss, then. New data should be available for that unit on a weekly basis. At a minimum, Home should be retrieving new ephemeris (GPS QuickFix) data every week, so it should have offered to give you that. You haven't ever had another TomTom on that PC, have you?

As for whether that model is obsolete, that's definitely in the eye of the beholder. It is a 2008/2009 model, but still has a couple of features you won't find on the newest ones!
And there is no content in the ephem folder on the unit yet? You'll need to use the OS to view the content of the unit in detail. Again, it looks like just another drive to Windows.
What did Home offer you when you first connected?

Also, if you'll click on the "More info" for the application and the map, we'll have some idea of how old both of the items are.
That added a lot of info. I do see your ephem folder in the unit now, and also see that it has no content. When you connected, exactly what kind of update was being offered? And can you confirm that your PC has never had a TomTom connected to it before? If it has, we might need to clear out a folder on your PC as well to start the flow going again for the ephemeris updates.

I am REASONABLY (but not 100%) certain that you will not have to use the original login email address and password to obtain the ephemeris updates for that unit. I'm sure you have no way at all to know what they were given the means by which you came by that unit.
The update was a map share western Europe. No idea the original log in details, but i am sure i done a factory reset on the unit. No tomtom has ever been used on this pc before.
Nuts. Without any ephemeris data on the PC or the unit, I cannot explain why you aren't seeing the ephemeris data being offered. When you connect and Home fires up, there should be a line showing "QuickGPSfix" data as one of the update options, and the result should be that the "ephem" folder on the unit has some content afterward. Without that data, it can take quite a long time for the unit to receive enough information from one of the satellites to know where the rest of them should be in the sky. It should happen eventually, but I'm puzzled as to why you're not receiving this 'shortcut' from Home.
--UPDATE-- It works, this rather sexy Irish lady told me i have reached my destination...frightened the bloody life out of the wife...!:tea:

Once again, i would like to thank Mr Canderson for your patience and understanding. Now i have to put Sean o'Connery on the thing to talk when the wife is driving.....
Ah, that may have been the delightful Kate .. she who must be obeyed.

What finally turned the tide for your unit? Last we typed, you were still searching for tin cans in the sky.
Well i went for a drive along the A27 up to Beachy head and it just started working. ! So, now i bought a dash mount for it and it works wonderfully everywhere i go!!!

Now i have to find all them free voices and put them on.

Let my son do that bit.....

Thanks for your help and support.

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