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Apr 30, 2010
Hi, can someone help me out? I have been trying for a couple of days to convert my Excel spread sheet to ov2 file to then load to my TT.
The spread sheet has lots of locations of structures (Bridges) for my job, I have the lat, long and various digits for each structure.
I have seen threads that say it's easy,but I must be doing something wrong.
Help greatly appreciated. Can someone convert them for me?
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Thanks for helping me out, I have tried this site before and it saves a file to my downloads, but I don't know what to then do with the file?

Use Explorer to move the created .ov2 file from wherever it is to the specific map folder on your unit.
Thanks for the update, I must be doing something wrong. Sorry to be a pain.
As previous, I used the site to convert my CSV file and it downloads a file in my downloads, I opend it with Explorer and it gives me the info below.

Now I'm lost!

Windows has the following information about this MIME type. This page will help you find software needed to open your file.

MIME Type: application/octet-stream

Description: UnKnown

Windows does not recognize this MIME type.

You can search the following Web site for related software and information:
Windows Live Search

Have questions? See these Frequently Asked Questions.

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Don't try to open up the .ov2 file. Just MOVE it to the specific map folder.
Ok, I have copied the file but no luck, it will not show up on the TT. The file saved does not say it's an 0v2 file it just says file.

Thanks for all your assistance, what can I try now?

Ok, I have copied the file but no luck, it will not show up on the TT. The file saved does not say it's an 0v2 file it just says file.
If you followed dhn's instructions it should be a file with the extension .ov2 .

I trust you have Windows Explorer set up to display extensions for ALL files.

If the file you created has no extension, Rename it with Explorer by adding the .ov2 (dot o v 2) and if Explorer alerts that the file may become unusable save it anyway.
Then try again using it.
Ok, thanks for the update. I renamed the file and copied it to my TT. The POI is on the TT but no information can be found.

So, following all the information, converting Ecel to CSV, then using the programme to convert to ov2, changing the file by adding .ov2. Seems to have not picked up the information.

I have 5,807 loine entries on my Ecel spread sheet.

Here is an example of one location.

Lat Long Structure
55.95246945 -3.181653808 001/001

Would it be possible to E mail the spread sheet to see if it can infact be done.

POI's now on my TT

Ok, thanks for all your help.

I managed to load up my five thousand locations to POI Ed, thne convert them to ov2 file.

Working fine.

Sorry I was not able to get back to you sooner.
We're building a railroad, Live Steam, that is. Click here then scan down to 4/26/2010.

I am glad you got it sorted.

BTW, you can easily rename your individual POIs to anything you want, albeit one by one.
To do that open them with TYRE (attaches itself as a drop down menu to HOME).
Once installed double click on the .ov2 file and the list will show in TYRE.
Highlight an entry and use [Rename]. TYRE seems to keep names and coordinates in separate registers and name changes do not affect the proper locations.

I use that, giving POIs meaningful names instead of street addresses. This can be important for searching as the sorting order of POIs is by distance from current location. (If in Luton, St.Albans comes before Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton but, if in Northampton St. Albans will be last on the list.)
Arno, can you take a gander at this thread please?

(I wish you'd accept pm's :eek: )

I don't accept PM's anywhere but I have posted my eMail address openly often.
(e-mail address removed)

Your above link doesn't get me anywhere. see below:


Removing the extra http//[/U] in that link still says ...ay not get around to it this afternoon. Arno

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