help needed please

May 9, 2010
hi guys basically i have mucked up my tomtom one and now by accident i have deleted the maps. so i have been on to tomtom cos it happened when a update went wrong so they have said they will send me the maps for free rather than ?40 but i have to prove that i bought the tomtom and not nicked it.

so my question is can anyone scan my a receipt for a tomtom one and email it to me i will be VERY VERY grateful as i bought mine 3 years ago and dont have a copy of the original receipt. thanks gary .

What you are asking is, at best, unethical, if not downright illegal.

Do you remeber paying for your unit with a credit card and, if so, do you keep past receipts?

Also, most members here are NA based and any receipts they would have are in $$$ and not British pounds.
sorry i didnt know it was a us one.

but if you dont ask you dont get! lol

thanks for you help cheers
I have another suggestion.

Do you have the original packaging for your unit? If so, take a digital photo of the box and all the packaging material, etc (disk, unit, etc.). Maybe TT will be satisfied with that as proof you really bought the complete package????

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