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Jan 16, 2010
Brighton, England
TomTom Model(s)
Go 730
I have recently bought my TomTom Go 730 from the net and when downloading updates it had a problem that I advised TomTom about. I can't remember now exactly what happened.

My concern is now that I don't have the latest version of maps, etc on the device, I have had a look at the version on the device, this is: 8.351 but the version on the computer is: 840.2562 which is confusing. Can someone please explain what I need to do?

I can't seem to connect my girlfriend's bluetooth headset to the device, it finds it but won't pair using the code 0000 but it connects to my phone via bluetooth fine, is this a problem with my device?

I can't seem to put music on the device and I don't know if it is something I am doing wrong. I loaded a cd onto my computer with itunes but when I transfer files to the device it doesn't seem to show them. I would like to delete audiobooks for good to also give me more space, can this be done?

I can't seem to use the spoken address command but I don't know why, can someone please help me with this too?

Many thanks, Paul
Paul, quite a raft of questions but lets try for some answers:

v8,351 is the version of the Navcore (software) installed to your device, v840 is the version of the latest map available (at the time of writing this). To check what is on your device start the unit (not connected to your PC) and tap the sat strength meter lower right corner followed by the version box, the resultant screen will show you plenty of information including both the software version and the map version.

To pair with a Bluetooth headset the headset must support the A2DP Stereo audio via Bluetooth protocol, the TomTom will not connect to an earphone intended for handsfree in the car.

Music music be in the mp3 format (no other formats are recognised by the device), the tracks/ albums etc need to be placed in to the mp3 folder on the device, or consider an SD card and put a folder named "mp3" (all lower case and without the "") on the SD card and insert that to the device, your unit can share locations of internal memory and the SD card. As for capacity of the SD card, anything up to and including 32GB SDHC types of cards can be used, 8GB is a handy size and stores lots of music.

For the audio books make sure in Windows Explorer you have "Show Hidden Files" enabled as I seem to recall the demo music and demo audiobooks are hidden! - Mike
TomTom problems

Thanks Mike.
How would I get the latest version of maps as my version is 810.1907 and I thought for the first 30 days I get the latest map and it seems that the map on my computer is 840.2562 or is this navcore? How do I move the map from my pc to the device? Do I need to delete the older map on the device first?
Cheers for your help, Paul
It would appear the latest map is on your PC but not on the device, you can use Home to remove the map from the device then try and install the new map via Home.

To be honest I would make a full copy of the contents of the device using Windows Explorer and then delete the old map from the device, next use WinRar to unpack the v840 map download straight to the device, there wil be two compressed files a large one circa 1,6GB which is the map and another with the name ending.meta.dct which is the activation code, this also gets extracted to the same folder on the TomTom - Mike

Can I make another backup copy of what I have on the device or will this over-write the backup that I did when I first got the device?
I have found the latest map on my pc but I am not sure how to get it back onto the device.
My thoughts are to backup the device and then delete from the device the map then transfer the whole file with the newer map into the G drive which is seemingly the device.
The other option is making a backup and doing a reset but I am not sure what problems are linked with this?

Please assist me with this. Cheers, Paul
Use Windows Explorer to make the backups this way you can have as many as you want, this is one of the many reasons I will never tell people to use TomTom Home for backups as its not capable of storing multiple versions on the PC - Mike
Older map

I have instead moved the two folders from the G drive to another folder on the pc and then found the folder with the newer map and pasted that into the G drive. It is still transferring this data but will hopefully work.

I have tried moving music files to the mp3 folder from my pc but even though there are files in the mp3 folder the TT doesn't show them. How do I find out whether these are mp3 or something else?

Cheers, Paul
mp3 files

Thanks for your reply dhn.
The files are all in the mp3 folder which is in the G: drive but nothing can be found on the TT. Can you tell me why this is?
Not clear. Is the G: drive the one represented by the TomTom on your computer when using Explorer?

The bottom line is this: you can have mp3 files on your unit and/or on a sdhc card as long as they are in a folder called mp3.

If you have such a folder on your computer but not on the unit or sdhc card, then use Explorer to move the folder to your unit.
G: drive

The TomTom drive on my pc is G: drive and after putting a music cd into my pc I move the tracks that I want to the mp3 file in this drive. Is there something I am doing wrong?
Cheers for your advice and attempts to help.
The TomTom drive on my pc is G: drive and after putting a music cd into my pc I move the tracks that I want to the mp3 file in this drive. Is there something I am doing wrong?
Cheers for your advice and attempts to help.

Did you mean 'folder'?? If so, that is what is necessary.
Shock horror

I moved the maps as I said and no the TT says no maps found. The files are still in winzip but when I try to extract them to the G: drive it says there is not enough room.
HELP!! please

And yes I meant folder.
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I appreciate this might sound stupid but I have seen it before, you say there are tow drives available in Windows Explorer, have you actually fitted a memory card in to the slot in the base of the TomTom? As supplied they contain a blank piece of plastic to stop dirt getting in to the hole? - Mike
Memory card

I haven't put a memory card in the slot no, I thought there already was one or enough internal memory for the latest map especially after getting rid of the other map from the TT drive, i.e. G: on the pc. I have extracted the files to the desktop and then back to the TT drive and hope this will work but there were two folders, one with lots of files but strangely enough the older map folder has radar files and the newer one doesn't. There is another folder which has a zipped file called activation_map but I am not sure whether I need to extract these files for things to work.

This is very confusing for someone new to all this which is really quite worrying.
Cspeech files

Are the CSpeech files simply languages and if so can these be deleted from the satnav to make more space and do they have any other related files that also need to be deleted?
It works

Finally after an afternoon in sorting this it seems to work. Thank you guys for your help.
I seem to be missing radar and safety cameras though in the files that I have loaded, not sure where these are as I haven't deleted any but I now only have a little room left on the device, oh and the voice command now works.
Can you advise me how to get these back please?
Latest application

Now that I have got the latest map I am unsure if I have the latest application, how would I know if I do or not please?
I seem to have sorted the radar and safety cameras from putting the files back on that were missing but I only have 48Mb of memory left.
Can I get a 16Gb memory card and put everything onto that and then have lots of memory to play with?
Thanks again for your help and sorry to be such a pain.
Not being a pain...

From the stats you listed in your first post, you do have the latest map (840) and the latest application 8.351.

Yes a 16-sdhc card will work in your unit (so will a 32-gig but that's really overkill). Make sure it is a reliable brand and the fastest you can aford.

Honestly, even 16-gigs is quite alot.
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