Help, my tomtom wont start up

Sep 27, 2011
I plug it in and the green charge light comes on
I am using the USB cradle charger or the car adapter
and no response. The unit is 2 yrs old
It wont start
What model do you have? When you say it won't start, do you mean it won't boot up at all or it won't get beyond a splash screen?

Have you tried letting it charge connected to the computer for three hours or so?
It wont even get to the splash screen. No activity whatso ever. ( exept the green chg light in the bottom right corner)

I am now giving it a full charge.
If the battery is flat, I assume It may take a while to respond , correct?

It's a GO 730
charging for an hour now and no response
Thanks. will do. I must admit, my wife is the user.....say no more. She's good at breaking things :[
so I thought I'd check with someone who might know to see if will work again.
Thanks for your time
Will get back to you on how it went
Ok folks, I think it's had it.
6 hrs charge and no response what so ever

When I connect it to the PC, via the USB cable or the USB cradle mounted charger, the PC doesnt register any recognition at all, It only sends the current to the unit for recharcing
Should I just bait it up, drop it over the side, and try and catch a giant coral trout?

She said she hasnt dropped it................
At the age of a Go730, the battery MIGHT be completely shot... They can go so bad that the device won't start up even with the external power supply connected.

Up to you if you want us to go further with opening it up.
The battery is obviously built right in to the unit. I havent opened it , as it has 5 piont star screws and i dont want to thread the tops.
I dont know if this can be a 'do it yourself job', even if I do get it opened and the waranty is long over the 1 year limit

Any further thoughts ?

Great tutorial, ive removed the battery and have one on order. I will get back to you as it all unfolds in a few days , depending on delivery
Thanks for the Great tutorial guys
Bateries direct were able to provide the battery , and i have installed it
It worked and is charging as I type

Great service TOT TOM

100% satisfied

Thank you
Great service TOT TOM

100% satisfied

Thank you

That should be "Great service "TomTom Forums"....:wave:

We're nothing to do with TomTom themselves (who are no help at all if you want to change a battery!).

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