Have Sub Forums Changed?

Nov 5, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Rider 2
I went to look for the Rider sub forum today and could not find it. My link no longer works and I don't see a listing for it here. Has something changed? If so a little warning would have been nice.
Thanks for the reply. I had not looked in the announcements sub forum. I must say I liked being able to easily scan through the Rider section and see posts from users with the same category of unit as I have. I always felt those posts were pertinent to me. I see little benefit in this new format. Having to search through a myriad of sub forms containing posts dealing with all of these TomTom products trying to decipher which ones may be relevant hardly improves my experience.
Therer are still changes to be made, Mike. As I understand it, one change will be the inclusion of a ddw (drop down window) with all models available. User will select the model (eg, Rider) to prefix the creation of a thread.

That'll help, eh?
As dhn said, we'll have a dropdown box to for people to tag their threads with the model - so you'll be able to search and filter very easily once this goes live.

One of the problems with the old layout was the ever growing number of TT models and the difficulty in categorising them. Having a sub forum for each model type no longer made sense when many of the questions were general and would cover all models (often things like MyTT/Home problems).

If the TT Rider is quite specific then we can consider restoring the standalone section, but the coming changes should build on the previous system by far - so it's worth a shot :).

For now, if you want to bookmark a link which shows any rider related threads, use this link (it's a simple search query, but works well):

Sounds like a reasonable compromise. I am anxious to see how it works out.

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