Has anyone used there tomtom to watch films

Mar 12, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom go 530
ho good are these for watching films on as i want to take mine with me on a trip and was going to put a few films on for the journey?
ho good are these for watching films on as i want to take mine with me on a trip and was going to put a few films on for the journey?
I am presently using the Mobilnova product on my 720. It has been updated to operate properly with Navcore 8 firmware. They provide both the rendering software to rip a movie down to size on your PC, and player software for both movies and audio, and toss in a PDF reader in case you need to read more than the HTML that the TomTom will do on its own. Have a look at it here:


At the moment, their 30 Euro cost should equate to something on the order of $40 US.

While you're at it, you might look at one of the AC wall units that provides both charging for USB chargeable devices like your TT that also provide backup power. The TT isn't known for the kind of battery life they claim in their specs. I picked up one like this for mine for long walking tours in Europe to augment the TT's battery::

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does any =one explain how to install it i have everythis installe but not quite undenstand the audio&video part can any one explain please:confused:
There are many reports claim that it would work and there are some others say it doesn't. Mine is working fine. Here's what I did
1. Download the Tomplayer_v0.220 (or the latest version)
2. Unzip to get "distrib" folder. There are folders/files in there but just
3. (after plug your unit in the computer) Copy "SDKRegistry", "tomplayer" and place them in the root of your Tomtom device. Read Note 1 clearly.
4. Create your own FOLDERS, call them whatever you want, by default, they are assigned as "video" and "audio". Read Note 2
5. In Tomtom root -> tomplayer -> conf, open "tomplayer.ini" with notepad/wordpad, pay attention to the following section:

# Define the directory location of multimedia files Without trailing slash ('/')

As you can see above, video_dir and audio_dir are ended with "video" and "audio" respectively, because those folders were created by default as I mentioned in step 4.
Now, for example, instead of calling "video" and "audio", you call "movie" and "music", you then have to modify it as
You might want to ask what /sdcard/ is all about?
I don't know but what I know is /sdcard/ as show above is the INTERNAL MEMORY of your Tomtom device.
As Note 2 said, you can create folders in external SD card's root. So the question is what you shold do if you indeed, create folders there and still want to play through Tomtom GPS? Ans: you have to modify as:
See the difference? /sdcard/ vs. /movinand/

Save the .ini file and get out. Unplug your device
6. By now, when you turn on, you should see the Tomplayer icon in the main menu (page 3? page 4?)
7. Tap the Tomplayer icon, wait 'til the default red theme display with "play" button, tap it again, will bring you to the main menu of Tomplayer.
8. When you get there, you good to go, do play around and get used to it.

Note 1: if you currently using your own custom menu, then just copy "tomplayer.cap" and "tomplayer.bmp", place them in the "sdkregistry" folder AND modify the menu (tomtom.mnu) with "MENUITEM|TASK_SDKx" added.
Note 2: you can create folders in your Tomtom's root or in external SD card's root.
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What format does it support?
For music, nothing but .mp3, never try .ogg, for sure .wma won't work.
For movie, .avi, .mpg, and .mpeg work fine. I've tried .divx but it didn't work.
Note: those are just my cases, others might be different.
can you download from a movie CD
You would need a product that would convert the DVD (I assume that's what you meant) into a file in one of formats that the player will accept and at the correct video size for the TomTom. Such products do exist. I would have thought that the tomplayer folks would have pointed you to one of these on the site with their product. Mobilnova supplies PC software to do this along with their TomTom software.
which software
Here's an example with a tutorial to go along with it. However, I'd be surprised of tomplayer can handle the large TV size format. The file would be much bigger than necessary anyway. I can't recall if DVDx does size conversion or not.

You need to CAREFULLY read the info that came with tomplayer to see what restrictions it places on the horizontal and vertical size of images, if any.

How to Rip a DVD to an AVI or MPG File Using DVDx: 11 steps - wikiHow

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