Has anyone tried solar power or a backup battery

Mar 16, 2008
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TomTom Model(s)
Go-920 App 9.465 Map N A 895.4438 C&W Europe 8.30 Magellan Explorist 710
Has anyone used a solar powered or other battery backup with there TT ??

I am planning on taking a motor coach tour of western Europe next spring and was thinking of taking my TT along just as a reference to see where we are traveling etc etc. As we know the TT will only hold power for about 1-2 hrs so being that I will not have access to the coaches power supply I was thinking of getting ether a solar powered charger or some type of battery backup that could be recharged while in my room at night.[/b]
I don't have the ac charger for my 930. In the hotel, I used the laptop to charge the tomtom.

Without the laptop, I used the car charger cable.
I have one of those 'battery pack' found in car accessories stores
where you can plug in the tomtom's cable. But my battery pack
is big.. maybe you can find smaller battery packs.

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