Has anyone installed the v8.60 map?

Not on a rider2 but on two other models.

The info for 860 specifically says it now shows Advanced Lane Guidance for Winnipeg (among other Cdn. cities added)
The reason I ask specifically about the Rider2 is that I have purchased an 860, but it refuses to show up on my account. TT support swears it is in my account and I have spent countless hours via live chat with them in regards to this. I have jumped through every hoop as per their request including setting up a new account for my Rider2, with no success.

They have never mentioned if the map actually works on a Rider2, and have never even aked what application I am running, which is 7.901.

They now tell me I have to call via phone to speak to the next level of Tech.

They have even questioned my computer, which is fine, but I do recieve map share and quick fix updates daily, and I also have a xl340TM which just recieved the latest map (8.60) yesterday in its account.

Are you trying for the map using 'update my unit' or 'add maps'? The former should work..........
Neither actually, I recieved a promotional email from TT a couple of weeks ago and went thru that. HOME was not used for that transaction as such. When ever I would click on update, all I would get is mapshare and quickFix updates. If I went to add maps, it only offered maps for purchase.

At any rate, good news.....I did phone support and got a real sharp fella. When I checked the "on computer" tab, the map now shows up! Last night it was not there. This after 5 days.

So, once installed I should have a shiny new map that finally shows several areas of my town which have existed for 10yrs (I checked my daughters 860 on her 340TM).

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I seem to recall there was an issue with the v855 map not working with the Rider_2 and I haven't heard they fixed the problem with the new map, it might be worth asking TT CS if the v855 map problem with it not working on this hardware has been fixed with the newer v860 map - Mike
Update, I was wrong...the 860 map that is showing up in "items on my computer" is the 860 map that is on my daughters xl340. It states I can not install this map on my device because of content restrictions". This is actually the USA, Canada and Mexico map, the Rider can only accept the NA 2gb map.

I am thinking the entire problem stems from the fact that I have 2 devices, with seperate accounts but they are sharing the same file destinations.

Yet another call the TT Support.


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As I semi-suspected, it was an issue of 2 accounts with everything going into the same destination.

Support helped me fix it up, and I am now happy to say I have the fully functioning 8.60 map on my device. :)


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