Good site to download voices, car icons and map schemes?

What sites do you reccomend for voices, car icons and map schemes? Also, is there any way to make your own voice?
Assuming that you're posting in the right forum area, you can no longer change car icons, use custom voices, etc. All voice content would be found using MyDrive Connect program on your PC.

But let's be sure which generation TomTom you own.

What are the first two characters of your device serial number?
I'll move these threads to where they belong in a bit.

You'd need the structure for the TT voice files and an .ogg audio application ... perhaps audacity?
Thank you! I'm new here so I have no idea what to do. Also, is there a website with voices that WORKS? I only found one, but whenever you click any link it just downloads the TomTom Radio voice.
I'm not sure because your XL is no longer tracked by Tomtom
Have you looked on Tomtom Home if it is not possible to download a voice.

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