GO720 touchscreen misalignment and reset problems

Nov 22, 2011
Hi, I've had a string of problems since purchase some 3 odd years ago (i.e. out of warranty).

It started with having problems booting up (no response after pressing the on button) but it seemed to fix itself so I didn't bring it back in store for warranty check. Time has gone by and recently for some reason the touch screen sensors seem to have misaligned. For example, i would need to touch the top right of the screen in order to press a button that is appearing on the bottom right. I was hoping to fix it so I backed up what I had and then tried a reset (for some reason I had no backup.. maybe because I updated TomTom Home program? not sure). After pressing the reset button, the GPS just won't even start now (no sound, no light, nothing on the screen when button pressed) just like the problem I had when new-ish. The GPS is plugged into its dock connected to the computer and the green light is on when docked so I don't think battery is a problem at the moment.

Would appreciate any ideas!
Plase HELP !.....
I´ve had the same problem as mentioned above by "hikarin". I reseted the unit, but still does not work good. For example: in the input screen QWERTY...if I touch the letter "Q" the lettler "P" is activated. If I touch the letter "W", the letter "O" is activated...if I touch the letter "P", the letter "Q" is activated and so on....It has been working in the opposite side of the touch screen...Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
Hi "dhn"....thanks for your prompt reply...Yes, I already did that...I followed yesterday all those steps you mentioned in the link above, but it still does not work........my version is 8.351....the X and Y is 93 932 142 844, so I created the file cal.txt as: 932 93 844 142.....changed these numbers to up and down...first I changed the X´s with Y´s fixed....nothing happened....and then changed Y´s with X´s fixed....nothing happened as well in my GO630....As I said...the touchscreen is working in the opposite side...touch the right side, it activates the left side and vice versa.....any other idea?....Thanks....

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