GO 950 constant rebooting - TomTom Support Desk Solution

Apr 10, 2010
I couldn't find anything too obvious to help me directly with the above problem in this forum, hence I am posting this. Apologies if its duplicated, I am sure the moderator will move this post if needed. I hope it helps some members now or in the future.

I bought a new GO 950 LIVE with the 12 months LIVE subscription offer in early April.

It worked fine then when it got updated via TomTom Home with a few voices, POI's etc it all went wrong.

My device was constantly rebooting at ad hoc intervals. I thought it was all working after a software reset etc ... so off I went to work (travelling around the UK) but it would reboot 10 minutes or 3 hours out into a journey. No logic, I hated my new device. I kept trying a few things, but went around this loop a few times.

I reviewed forums, this forum included(that's why I joined this forum), I googledfor help, but to no avail.

So I contacted the TomTom support via the phone and they were really good with me.

First they wanted me to reinstall the TomTom Application on the device ( this failed)

So then I had to reformat the device.

This eventually worked. I have just returned form a 3 day trip and the TomTom and LIVE service worked really well. Ieven emailed TomTom support to ask them to reactivate my LIVE service at 0900 Monday Morning and by 1400 it was all working ... they were really quick.

TomTom support reckon the device was corrupted during update.

Attached below are TomTom guidelines they sent to me by eMail, so its easy to follow.

The important task is to make sure you have your map directories/folders backed up, twice or three times. If these are lost you have issues and will have to work with TomTom support to get them back. So BACKUP the MAP FOLDERS and it should be ok.

Here are the instructions hope they help, replaced some info with xxxxxx


Ref: 100507-xxxxx.

My name is xxxxxx and as per our telephone conversation today if your device is freezing and resetting itself then please do the following:

STEP 1 Install the latest version of TomTom Home If you haven't already done so: TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems

STEP 2 Make a Backup
IMPORTANT: We advise you to follow the next steps ONLY if you have made a successful backup of your device as described in Step 2.

STEP 3 Run a Disk Error check
- Connect your TomTom device to your computer and switch it on.
- Click the Windows Start button > My Computer and then right-click the removable drive for your TomTom device / memory card.
- Click Properties.
- Select the Tools tab.
- Under Error checking click Check Now...
- Tick both boxes and then click Start.

STEP 4 Remove the Application files from your device
- Connect your device to the computer and switch it on
- Open TomTom HOME
- Click on 'Manage My device'
- Select the Application
- Click on Remove Items From Device

STEP 5 Remove the existing Application from your computer.
- Open TomTom HOME
- Click on 'Manage My GO'
- Select the Items on Computer tab
- Select the Application
- Click on Remove Items From Computer

STEP 6 Redownload your Application
- Connect your device to the computer and turn it on
- Open TomTom HOME and log in
- Select 'Update my Go/One/Rider'
- Update and Install any software applications that are offered
- Click on "Device" in the top left of HOME and then Disconnect
- Disconnect your TomTom from your computer

If you get ?No Maps Found? on your TomTom device, please repeat Step 6 until the application is no longer offered as an update.

STEP 1 Log into your device
- When your TomTom shows your current location (Please make sure your device has a good GPS signal), tap in the middle of the screen
- Now tap on ?Change Preferences?
- Scroll along to ?My TomTom Account?
- Please log in using your email address and password.

- In the Main Menu, tap on LIVE services.
- Now Click on My Services in the bottom right corner.
- Here you should now see all your Services and your Traffic bar should now be loading.

If you have any more questions, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you further.

With Kind Regards


The TomTom Customer Care Team


Dear Mr xxxx,

Thank you for contacting TomTom Customer Care
The reference number for your query is 100507-xxxx.

Hi again xxxxx, its xxxxx from TomTom customer support. As confirmed, please complete the following:

STEP 1 Add the Map again from your computer

- Go to the first page of TTHOME
- Go to ''ITEMS ON MY COMPUTER'', add the map (In this case xxxx please add both the Western and Central Europe map and the North America map - NOT the USA and Canada)

STEP 2 Install the Application

- Open TomTom Home
- A list of updates should appear, make sure that the application update is the only item that is selected (And any map if one is offered)
- Click on 'Download updates', this will install the application update to your TomTom
- Once complete, switch your TomTom off, disconnect it from the Computer, switch your TomTom back on.
- The device will load up and say 'no maps found'.
- Repeat this step until there are no further application updates.

STEP 3 Install the remaining updates

- Connect your TomTom to your Computer
- Open TomTom Home
- Click on 'Update my ONE'
- A list of updates should appear, select the application, the map and the voices that you need.
- Click on 'Download updates'
- Once complete, switch your TomTom off, disconnect it from the Computer, switch your TomTom back on.
- The device will load up with your new map installed.

Everything from this point should now be working. If you have any issues, please just let me know!

With Kind Regards


The TomTom Customer Care Team
Thanks for the post and hope it helps others.

I've found on my 740 that once crash can often corrupt the file system and cause the app to be very unstable afterwards.

Usually running a chkdsk /f is enough to fix the instability (it crashes occasional, but not as often as before the chkdsk /f).

Very rarely do I have to do the full format as you described.
I'm in the middle of a restore at the moment to fix exactly the same problem. It's the 2nd time in a week since a recent update that I've had to do it. One thing I can remember doing these 2 times that I can't remember doing before, shutting down the PC with the device plugged in and connected rather than ejecting the device before shutting down.

The 1st time, it was the map directory that needed deleting and reinstalling. I'm trying a restore this time, fortunately I took a backup just before I shut down the PC so it should be a decent copy.

Update - the restore didn't work, although the error checks on the internal and external memory came back clean. Up to the point I took a backup, the device had worked fine for 4 days since the 1st time when I reinstalled the maps and all worked fine again. Tried to reinstall the software, that did the usual reboot after disconnecting from the PC but since then has worked OK. Fingers crossed.

FYI, my PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate.
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