Go 930 Looping (or maybe phantom key presses!)

Feb 5, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Go 930
I have a Go 930 and it keeps on looping, I have followed the instuctions on the TomTom website to copy then delete the MapSettings.cfg file, but this has never worked even after several attempts - any ideas what the fix could be? (other than throwing it in the bin)
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Looping at what point? The initial splash screen?

And deleting mapsettings.cfg has no effect? That's unusual.

Try using the emulator in Home to add a favorite (doesn't matter what it is) to create an entry in the mapsettings.cfg file and see if that changed anything.
It's completely random, sometimes when trying to enter an address it adds letters / chracters that I didn't type. Also it works without looping for quite a while, then will suddenly start doing it. Stupid question, but what / where is the emulator?
It's the "Operate My GO" in Home. But from what you say, you may well have a very different problem that isn't addressed with any of the solutions you've been hearing about. I think 'looping' is throwing everybody for a 'loop'. When we talk about 'looping', it is usually continuous reboots from the splash screen. Your problem sounds more like the 'phantom keyboard press' sort of problem.

I assume your device usually powers up normally, but then appears to take on a life of its own at some point? It's a 930, so it falls into the 'phantom'-capable list of units. Typically, the problem is in the upper right corner, and you wind up being sent to the nearest police station, but it could occur anywhere.

Are the random letters all the way at the outside edge of the screen towards the bezel? I know, probably hard to recall, but it's an important question in our process of coming up with an answer.

Especially if the phantoms appear to be around the outside, try cleaning under the edge of the entire bezel area against the glass with a business card or thin piece of semi-rigid plastic.

Especially if the phantoms are not at the edge of the screen, if you are running a screen protector of any sort, see if removing it gives you any relief.

If neither of those help, and the problem seems to occur around the bezel, you may have another problem that isn't so easy to fix, but we can certainly give it a try if so.
Yep, think it may not be the "looping" problem, so have removed the bezel and give it a good clean. Seems to be OK for now, have flicked through the menus and no problems...........
Will be travelling later on this week, so will see how it goes - at least I still have the voice to direct me. :)
Thanks for your help!

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