GO 825 Live- battery fault at startup??


May 21, 2011
Mount Barker, Western Australia
TomTom Model(s)
GO 825 Live
After installing recent GPS Fix and OS upgrade, my GO825 Live does/did the following:
  • Started failing to to display live traffic updates
  • No longer started up with car ignition- had to manually start it each time
  • Then the battery failed to charge up- even after hours of charge, never got over 15% and now is virtually dead
  • Now it wont even start unless attached to eg a laptop for power
  • Even when started now under laptop power, it drum rolls, shows splash screen and then goes black with an audible static sound
  • I have tried the full re-boot (hold start button 20 seconds etc but it wont get beyond a pictorial screen showing device not connected to PC (red cross indicated)
I used to love my Tomtom but am defintely starting to think otherwise. Any ideas- I thought maybe battery is cooked as it was left in the vehicle over a very hot Australian summer day??:mad:
That is a possibility (overheating the battery). Any electronic device facing extremes of temperature can have those issues.

And loss of Live Traffic info often is a symptom since it requires a lot of battery power.......
Battery answer

:) Well, whatever the cause, the battery was definitely US. Bought a new 'long-life' battery and replaced the old- now charges to 100% and working well.
If you have a 400, is it under warranty? If so, the battery should be replaced by TomTom for free, if necessary.

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