Go Live 825 (FW) RIP?


Apr 25, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
GoLive 825
Excellent for 3 or 4 years owned.
After latest map and other updates (2 weeks ago) turns on and off at random.
It will still connect and update (GPS fix) to My Drive.
Have tried to reset via:-
Hold after 'Drum Roll'....when black screen with white writing appears tap 3 time to bring up connect to PC.
On the occasions it has actually connected the servers are too busy.
Spent two weeks trying to resolve this can anyone help Please?
What happens if you just hold UNTIL the drum roll and release (normal reset method)?
When you say 'turns on and off', under what circumstances? Does it reboot or actually turn off? Does it eventually automatically turn back on again?
If the serial number of the device is FY, then it is considered End of Life by Tomtom. A serial number of FB or FW is ok. So call support but do not mention the device when prompted in order for a live agent to reply:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Thanks both for your comments.
Canderson.....In all start cases the device reboots at random....sometimes a few seconds and sometimes a few minutes...it doesn't actually turn off and stay off...…….it always reboots.
When trying the '3 tap' start sometimes the screen fills with white text and 3 taps are possible ( but only rarely successful)....sometimes it only half fills the screen and then reboots immediately to the normal 'Street image' screen.
dhn...Grateful for the UK number will try that in due course although I have seen that it may be out of support on the TT site.
As the 3 taps reset will not work and the age (4 1/2 years) of the device I have been offered a reasonable discount on a new one.
Got through to a live agent as advised and the price is a good saving on the main retailers discounted prices.
Thanks again:)

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