GO 720 m says no maps when just installed?

Jul 15, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
I've just paid for and installed, several times, the western europe map - it runs through the download and installs to the device but once complete the device says "no maps found"? Help I've removed and installed about 5 time today but getting nowhere
It's worth trying the "ClearFlash" utility.
No promises, but it often fixes "No maps found" problems.

Get it from http://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6178

Don't expect anything exciting on either the TomTom or PC screen when you run it, you hardly know anything has happened.

I've no idea why, but some people have suggested you run it three times. I've only ever needed to run it once, but it won't do any harm to try it several times.

Also, check to see if the maps are available if you run the TomTom from the PC emulator in Home (called "Operate my Go"). There seems to be a common issue where the maps are visible there, but not standalone.
You can also try adding a new Favourite and planning a route while in the emulator, as that has been known to get the maps recognised properly.

Otherwise wait for other replies.
Hi Thanks but it's not worked, i've run 3 times also but no change still "no maps found"
Any found when running the emulator in Home?
Yes, but can you actually create routes, demo them and see the map moving on the navigation screen?
I can't use "operate my go" as it says the device, software and operating system are not compatible - I can't route any other way and can't do anything on my TomTom itself.
In which case it sounds like you have the wrong software installed. Did you by any chance buy the unit second-hand? A lot of units got "modified" with incorrect software in order to run maps that were not intended for that modeel (or even pirated)

A Go720 should be running v9.430 now and new maps will need that version (or one not much earlier)

So what software DO you have on there.

Find out by following the instructions here: How to find the version numbers of your maps and software

Tell us what you see on that text screen.
Hi, I can't find that out because when I turn it on it says "Select a map:" and i can't move from that screen. I bought this about 3/4 years ago from Dixons new. It was working fine - although maps out of date - until I paid for and downloaded the wester-europe map then it stopped working? sorry
You can find out which software you have by connecting it to your PC, opening your 720 like it was a disk drive, and looking at the file called ttgo.bif in the root of your 720. Use your favorite word processor to open it.

About 9 lines down, you'll see a line like this:


What numbers do you see for your unit?
Thanks Canderson, For completeness I'll add that "last resort" method to that article.
Hmm.... I am fairly sure that 8.398 was firmware only for TomTom's "Truck" version devices. Any other mods can pop in and verify?

If so, that firmware isn't appropriate for your unit, and we'll need to get the standard stuff loaded.

As was asked earlier -- Did you buy this unit 2nd hand?
Hi no it was bought from dixons a few years back, brand new and it was working fine until I tried to update the maps today
You won't have been the first person to have had Home accidentally load the "Truck" version on your device. What we'll need to do is get your firmware updated to something that make sense.

First step will be to perform a full backup of your unit using the following procedure. Then we'll have you delete all of the loose files (NO folders) from the root of your device, then plug it into Home to let it get new firmware.

Yeah, kinda like that :lol:
Sorry, C. simultaneous posting...

I beat you in the "storage memory" topic, and you beat me here.:)
Yeah, but you gave him the 2nd link. I keep forgetting about that one.

With any luck,we'll have Lou up and running in no time.

Funny, it's been some months since I've heard of Home playing that dirty trick. I wonder how long it's been since the OP last updated his device firmware? And how the heck did the existing maps keep working?
I've installed the software so it now says:

it's now running the install of the western europe map

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