GO 720 m says no maps when just installed?

OK. That was "phase 1". 7.480 isn't anywhere near current, either. What both Andy and I forgot to mention is that Home may take your unit's firmware forward in steps. Properly disconnect your unit using Home, unplug your unit, then plug it in again. You should be offered yet another version of firmware. Keep us posted on your progress.
Right... that's very old software.
But many of TomTom's software updates need to be done cumulatively (if that's the right word).

In other words, if you are a long way behind, you may need to update several times to (finally) get to the latest software.

I reckon you should be running v9.430 by now on a Go720.

Also, we need to double-check whether you have been using Home v1 or Home v2.

If you are on very early software, you may need to update as far as you can using Home 1 and then install Home 2 and continue updating as far as you can with that.

Home 1:

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Yes, my 720 was updated all the way to 9.430. That's a good version #. Should be what he gets (eventually).

Your serve. :D
Excellent. Sounds like you're all updated now. Maps cooperating?
YEAH !!! Thank you so much for your help, I won't mess with it again - well not until the next map update ..... thanks again
Now that you have your firmware 'where it belongs', it would be a good idea to make another full backup of your unit. That way, if anything ever goes south in the future, the 'fix' will be a lot quicker.

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