Go 300 help please - Finding 'Little Rock AR'

Mar 29, 2012
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Go 300
Greetings all, I recently inherited a Go 300 from my son's daughhter. ( She got a new gps for christmas) Question is, if a city cannot be found on my unit what could be the cause? It's not like its a new citty ( Littlle Rock ) but its just not available to plan a route with. Not even with a zip. The state of Arkansas is there along with many zip codes though.Whats up with this?
Here are the presently loaded goodies: Device: AK8SL C2KVE
App 7.903 (9183/081205) OS 2344
29 MB Ram ( free 7.6 mb )
GPS V 1.21 Boot 4.8600
Maps SE Region V 830.2323

I know the unit is not worth much but the price was right and it seems like it will do all that i need it to do. I really do not need something fancy like the lastest and greastest one on the market. Please help.

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See if you can connect to Home and run the emulator (Operate my unit) and plan a trip. Can it find the proper city then when in the city screen for the address (and Arkansas is selected as the state/)
Hi and thanks for the quick reply.

Tried to run it from my computer and it could not find either the city or the zip.


Make an Explorer, not Home backup of your unit's contents. If not sure how, see here:

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

connect to Home and accept the application offered.

Disconnect PROPERLY from Home using the device disconnect icon.

See if it's interpreting the map details properly then.
Ok,hello again, I copied the files to a backup directory then deleted all loose files in the root directory. Started Home and let it go through its update routine. Then disconnected by device exit and fired up the gps on its own. Still won't find little rock or zip. Also now it's acting squirrely like jumping pages and then shutting down. Go figure?
Is there a way to reload the op sys and all other data?

Standing by,
Well, if you made the Explorer backup, then format the unit, don't use quickformat. Then restore the Explorer backup. That should get you back to where you were.

Maybe consider a new unit?
I'm not from the US so I'm not totally used to how you guys have to select towns, but are you selecting the right STATE first when you try to enter the address?
It will be a button in the top right of the address entry screen.

Oh and for info..... by deleting the "loose" files as dhn suggested and replacing them using Home, that DID reload/update the Operating System. It resides in those files.

Restore the backup like dhn says and if it gets it back to normal, we can work on it from there.
Update folks!

It seems that when I did the first loose file delete and then reconnect to home that I had a sd card with a write protect on. When i saw files being updated they were not downloading properly and i got no write protect error. I got some files, just not all. Weird eh?

The page jumping issue was due to my alt power source getting weak. ( I'm hooked to a 12v wet cell sitting on the floor as I did not get an ac adapter with this unit.

Soooo since then i have corrected the power problem (charged wet cell) and the write protect problem. Have since reconnected to Home and more things were downloaded to my unit.(Good sign eh?) I even now have the option of entering lat and lon cordinates when i did not before.

Here's the Big Butt: it still will not let me enter Little Rock as a city, It's just not there. It will not fint the lat & lon of Little Rock. Maybe I need to stay away from Little Rock anyway. Thhat's where my ex lives. :)
Do I need a different map?

And you did have a gps fix?

How are you searching for Little Rock? Two words or one?

Hi again all and a big thanks for the support thus far.

I really believe my main program on the sd card must be lacking in some respect so I'm
taking another approach. My thoughts are to back up where I am data wise to a safe folder and then wipe the card again and load an older map version which i've purchased from ebay on to the card. It's an 06 version somewhere in 6.00 v range but @ this point it's becoming an OCD challange. Should this work? :confused:

Thanks again
Could some one please fill me in as to the data structure and where it all resides op sys wise and map wise. Is everything on the card?

Thanks again
Everything resides on the card.

I'm not at all sure you will get anywhere with a map bought on eBay though.
Maps supplied on a TomTom SD card are locked to that particular card, and maps downloaded to a device are locked to that device.

Also, to help out a non-US resident, can you be a lot clearer about exactly what map you have currently installed and where exactly you are looking for.

1. You say "SE Region V 830.2323", what's the complete map name?

2. You say "Little Rock". Is that in Arkansas?

3. What is it's full address including state?

4. What are its Lat/Long coordinates (get them from Google maps if you can't get them on the TomTom).

I5. f you just use "Browse map" on the TomTom, can you find "Little Rock"? (Either as a named town or even just as a chunk of land).

All of this detail will help someone else with a similar map (or newer one) to try to do the same search you are doing.
I have re-edited my post (typing on a duff laptop keyboard). Please refresh the page.
Thanks Andy, Where would i find the complete map name? I got this version info by presssing the signal strengh bars then pressing ver.
If that's where you found it, I guess that IS the full name....

Just seems surprising it's not called something like "USA, South Eastern Region", or similar.

In Europe we have names like "Europe" "Western Europe, "Western and Central Europe", or for the new zoned maps "Europe, Western zone" etc.

I'm only asking for all this stuff because I do have some different US maps on a couple of my TomToms and I'd like to try searching for your Little Rock, but have no idea where I should be looking, I don't even know what state to set the TT to look in.

Actually, that's a thought... you are selecting the right state when you search, aren't you? It's a little "flag" in the top right corner of the "City" entry screen.
Andy, The state is Arkansas (Ar.for short) Try these zips please: 72201, 72205 and 72223. those should bring up Ar (Arkansas) I've tried to inter Lat and lon cordinates I got from google maps but that did not work. One of the streets i''m trying to find is named Ash Street.
Good luck
OK, I'm using a Go1005 World Edition with the "USA_Canada v880.3848" map

I went to "View map" (equivalent of "Browse map" on your Go300) and tapped "Find". The first thing I was asked was a state, so I selected Arkansas from the list.

The next stage would normally be to start typing in the city name, but in fact "Little Rock AR" was already showing as the first one in the list (it remembers previous search results) so I think I must have tried this already! (I have a terrible memory....)

It also had "Little Rock Air Force Base AR".

Typing in "72201" found "72201 Little Rock AR", andsimilar for all the other zipcodes you suggested.

So it's definitely on my map....

Now, I'm a bit concerned when you say that it "didn't work" when you tried to enter some Lat/Long coordinates. What actually happened?

Did you use the special "Latitude/Longitude" menu section to enter the coordinates? (it's probably on page 2 of Browse map / Find). You can't just enter it in the "address" section. Similarly for zipcodes, you have to go to the "Postcodes" section of the menu, just typing it in when it's expecting an address won't work.

From the TomTom, I get the centre of Little Rock to be N34.78144, W92.26471. What happens if you enter that? (in Browse map / Find / Lat.long)

Also I'd still like to know if you can manually find the town on your map, just by dragging it around with your finger and zooming in.
If your particular map doesn't cover the area that includes Little Rock, we are never going to find it in a search!

See how you get on.

EDIT - Oh yeah.. any more news on that eBay map? Was it on a genuine TT SD card? Did you try it in the Go?
Hello again Andy, Actually the icon for lat and lon entry was not available for me to enter cordinates when i first got my unit. It was not until i formatted my card and transfered my saved folders back to the card then connected to TomTom home that it became available. But that still did not work for me as it just said somethhing like map not available or found..
Tomorrow i am driving to Little Rock. It's about a eight hour drive from where i live. I plan to let the unit track my route in real time to see what happens as i approach the Arkansas state line and on to Little Rock. I'll let you know what happens.

Stay tuned and thanks,

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