GO 2505M and Voice Commands

Dec 3, 2007
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I've been searching the forum for over an hour now and cannot find any mention of my problem, so here goes! I just got a new GO 2505M last week, (I know it's a couple of years old, but it was on clearance from Tiger.) So far everything works OK except the direct address voice commands. In the "Show in Your own menu" settings, I checked "Voice Control" and "Navigate to spoken address." When I go back to the navigate screen, I now have two Voice Control Icons. The top one, the microphone by itself, is in color and the voice commands for that function work as advertised. The lower one is a small microphone with "ABC" in a balloon icon. This Icon is greyed out and is not functional. I understand that this is the direct address entry Icon. If I press the microphone icon and say "Navigate to an address," the unit responds properly and displays the keyboard for manual entry. Just to the right of the space bar is key with a greyed out microphone in it. I just read on another post tonight that one difference between the GO 2505M and the GO 2535 may be the addition of the direct address ability on the GO 2535. If this is so, then why does the option show up on my GO 2505M if the function is not supported, and if it is supported, why doesn't it work? I have updated it to the latest available NAVCOR version and the latest maps. One thing that I was considering was the amount of available memory in this unit. It has a free trial of Red Light Camera data in it and with only 4GB of on board memory it has about 356KB free. Could that be the problem? I had a GO720 that I enabled the voice commands on and I remember reading something a long time ago that without additional memory from an SD card that it would not support voice commands with just the internal memory because there wasn't enough free memory left after the application, maps and poi's were loaded. I've done all the resets that have been mentioned on this forum and contacted tech support with no good answer to this problem. I hope someone can come up with a solution or at least and explanation, thanks in advance.

Roger List
Hmm.. got me on that one. All of my units with voice control and that option on the main screen will show the black circle with little microphone with the ABC as white text on green bubble. I've never seen a situation where that icon is grayed out.

Since if you use the upper icon and say "Drive to address", that feature works "as advertised", and the function is 'supported', just not the use of it via icon on the main screen. Makes no sense to me. Really odd, and I don't think we've seen that reported anywhere before.

It should not be a memory issue since all of the requisite map data (the names of towns and streets that will be matched to the voice input) must already exist for the upper icon to work correctly.

At present, I can't even come up with an explanation, much less a solution.

I'd go back and badger tech support by phone, bearing in mind that they tend to work from scripts and may try to put you through the same exercise again. If they do, ask for 2nd level support.
I spoke to TT Tech Support today and got sort of resolution. On the options menu that is reached by touching the display, under the "Navigate to..." button, there was a small US flag in the upper right corner. The tech representative had me change that to a state and immediately the voice command became active. I tested it and it still doesn't work in the fashion that I had been lead to believe, I can't just say the whole address at one time, such as "Navigate to 1111 any street, Denver, CO." What it does do is prompt me for the city, street, street no. separately, exactly the same way that my GO720 worked. I guess the result of this is the direct address entry doesn't work unless you manually select the state that the requested address is located in. Maybe that's the difference between the voice functionality of the GO2505 and the GO2535. Thanks Canderson for your reply to my first post.
Ah, hadn't even thought of that. I always have a state selected from normal use of "Navigate to". Wonder why that impacts one mode of use of the feature and not the other?

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