French Computer Voice for XXL 540S World?


Aug 19, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
My trusty old GO930 gave up the ghost, so I replaced it with an XXL 540S World.

I thought it odd that the pre-installed voices included neither a UK nor French Computer voice. I have solved the UK problem by downloading "Simon" (I use "Susan" at home in the USA), but the only available French computer voice is "Charlotte" who is French-Canadian. I don't wish to insult our friends to the north, but Charlotte sounds very wrong when used in France itself..........

So, is there a French computer voice available? I can't find one via TomTom Home. "Catherine" - a recorded voice - is available, but I really do prefer text-to-speech.

Well, you could try using Home to add computer voices and make sure the filter is set to 'all' instead of 'default'. See if anything worthwhile shows up then.
Many thanks for that. In fact it's the other tab that I needed to adjust (leave the left one as DEFAULT, set the right one from RECOMMENDED to ALL). And there I found a female computer French voice (ma copine "Juliette", du vieux GO930, je pense....) which worked perfectly. Slightly odd is that the only UK English computer voice available is male, whilst most of the other common languages - and US English - have both male and female available.

Here's a related oddity. If I go to CHANGE LANGUAGES on the TomTom itself, I see all my available voices, recorded and computer. But if I operate my TomTom via Home, only recorded voices are shown as available, with the computer voices not shown at all....

Odd. But not a problem.

No, that's normal. Computer voices simply don't work in the emulator of Home so none show as available.

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