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Mar 4, 2008
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A french-canadian forum, some here speak french and are from Quebec.:D
A french-canadian forum, some here speak french and are from Quebec.:D

Hi feejo (salut )
The problem with any site having to add a french forum incorporated is that you need to find a few french moderators that know there stuff, plus they have to translate all the previous questions and solutions into french , otherwise there will be a bandwidh problem with the site being bogged down by the same type questions and answers and other problems too.......
If you feel that you are or know a few members that are very well informed on the different models and can translate the existing solutions , then i strongly recomend you pm the site owner or Moderator and subit your project , i am sure that if you can meet these criteria they will surely accept
Good Luck :)
I have no problem with the moderaters creating a French language subsection (or Spanish, for that matter). If some TomTom owners find that they can get the help they need in their own language, so much the better.

Some of us with useful TomTom knowledge and linguistic skills will be able to help out.

And seriously, I don't think that this is going to create a bandwith issue.
Well Great Guys ! Present your project by pm to the site owner or Moderator
im sure that if theres enough willing to help , the site will probably approve
oh and on another site im a member nothing to do with gps , it did creat a bandwidth problem and they were also understaffed with french mods and helpers, thats why i mentioned it :)
Do we need to translate everything, we just can start new treads cathegory.
Section francophone.
General Fran?ais: G?n?ral
TomTom Showoff : Montre nous ton GPS. (showoff)
TomTom Tweak Discussion : Probl?mes avec ton TomTom

Quoi que les noms peuvent ?tre chang?, ce ne sont que des suggestions.:p
Hi !

So is it coming this french section of the forum ?

I guess it would be pretty difficult to translate all the post.

Maybe like someone said previously, we should have a French section...

Ok we want a french section to chat about our TT, I believe for the moment we don't need to translate every post from english to french, we just need a moderator, anyone ready to check that everyone respect the rules of forum.

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