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Dec 9, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
A have a TomTom Go 360 which I got at a yard sale. It is in French. Is there a way to change the language on it?
I don't think there is a model 360 in North America. Identify here:

Anyway, you are looking for a setting to Factory Reset or Return to factory defaults. Something like that. You'll be asked for a language and you want English_US.

Depending on the true model, you might be looking for an icon with a bunch of flags to set the language.
I'm guessing that the OP owns a used GO 630. His IP address puts him in the northern U.S., so we may be talking about a model used in Canada.

Anyway -- to the O.P.
If you've got a North American map up and running, then to move from French to English, follow these steps:

Main screen press
"Change preferences"
Right arrow until you see "Voices"
"Change voice"
Look for "Susan, English US. Computer"

That will be the best voice for your purposes since it can pronounce street names, etc.
If you cannot determine the proper model number, take a picture of the screen with a map displayed as we then may be able to determine which type of device you have and point you in the proper direction, as dhn said.

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