French Autoroute Information

Aug 31, 2008
Cleveleys, Lancashire, England
TomTom Model(s)
RiderII, Urban, Start, and PDAs
Posted this here as there are only sub-forums for USA and Canada, so for the moment this is probably the best place for it (moderators - please feel free to put this into a more suitable location on the forum).
The zip file contains three poi files, aires_service, aires_rest and auto_junctions. French motorways have to have rest halts by law. Aires_service are aires where petrol (gas), food, sometimes accommodation etc. Aire-rest are just pull-off areas, usually with toilets, often these are located in attractive locations. Auto_junctions are the junctions on and off the autoroutes (freeways, motorways). The bitmaps I have created are hopefully representative. These pois were created by me, they haven't been plagiarized from elsewhere. If they are of any use to you then I'm happy, if you find any errors please contact me and I'll incorporate corrections into the original files.
(If you are thinking of going to France then don't camp in an autoroute aire - high risk of getting mugged etc).




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Thanks for the contribution. For now, here is as good as place as any for the location. The admin may add sub forums (fora? :)) to reflect an increase in European membership in TTF.
Thank you!!!!!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to tarmacburner2!

I've been trying to download the French motorway aires since I got it last year. I would have thought they came as a standard POI with the western Europe map or could be downloaded via TomTom Home - but I've had no success. Anyway just downloaded yours and they are exactly what I want - goodness knows why they aren't available from Tomtom.

Might have known someone from Lancashire would have it sorted! ;)

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