Go 730 unexpectedly speaks French

Sep 19, 2008
Jersey Shore, USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730, XL IQ Routes Edition, VIA 1605
I've noticed something odd with the text-to-speech in my Go730. I'm using the computer generated female voice (Susan), speaking English, but under certain circumstances she unexpectedly starts speaking French. I've noticed this only when I'm on a route in the 200 range. She will give her instructions in English, then repeat the route number again in French. For example: "In two miles, turn left on highway two hundred two - route deux cents deux"

Is this a bug? An audible Easter Egg? Is there a bilingual option in the preferences menu I somehow missed?
If I were to play a trick on you to replicate what you have experienced, I'd modify some of the .lex or .rex file extentions to do that. Howyou found yourself with this? I don't know for sure but I would check expecting some of your files could be damaged and do a chkdsk on the drive your TT files are on. If not that I'd check the files against a known good backup. Failing all this I'd delete everything and restore from a known good backup.

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