For all those who recently purchased a refurbished TT One 3rd edition from

Apr 22, 2008
If your's came with an outdated map and you checked to download the latest map via the "guarantee," you found that you were out of luck and it seemed the only option would be for you to pay to download the latest version for $$$ (in my case, the USA & Canada 715 map).

But there's hope. All you have to do is contact TT customer service and explain the situation, provide them a copy of your receipt and they will add the latest map to your account. The next time you run TT Home, it should remove the old map and download/install the new one for you during the update screen.

Kudos to TomTom customer service for their service after the sale.
Thanks for the info. Just found I'm in this same situation so I'll give them a call in the morning & have my receipt ready.
Wow im glad I saw this post. I just bought the refurbed TT1 3rd edition from TigerDirect. Im sure i'll encounter the same issue. Good to hear they are willing to help us out.

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