First time GPS buyer with concerns

Dec 28, 2007
I think I am sold on buying a TomTom for my first GPS. I think I want the ONE LE simply because of price. But I do have some concerns:

1. I have read that TeleAtlas is not as accurate as NAVTEQ, is there any truth to this?

2. I have heard that TomTom's routing "software" is not as efficient as Garmin or Magellan... truth?

3. Since the GiveGive goes until January 8, is there a chance we will see another (better) deal then or even a new model that replaces the current ONE LE?

Thanks for any assistance, I am really anxious to get one today since my wife wants to go out of town this weekend, but I still nervous due to my lack of knowledge in this realm.
Both Garmin and TomTom have their issues regarding routing and maps. It depends maybe on where you live. Both are good units.

Remember too that on a forum, you attract mostly those who are having difficulties. It's the same for car forums. This can give you the impression that there are many, many problems out there. But you never hear from the majority of users who are getting along fine.

Most of here are very happy with our purchases.
Hello there. I have a Garmin Nuvi 260 and for about a month tested it against my TomTom 720 to see the route differences. About 90% of the time or more, both units chose the same route. So I think those who say Garmin's routes are better are either exaggerating based on past experiences with prior TT maps, or are in an area where TeleAtlas mapping is that great.
to be honest i like the routes my magellan gives me better than my tom tom, but then the tom tom is much faster at recalculating and the gps signal seems to be stronger and work better
Thanks for the input. I plan on picking up the ONE LE tomorrow. The closest BB that has it in stock is a little over an hour away, but it is on our way out of town so it is no big deal.
Three Best Buys later and no LE. Even though the website states it is in stock for those stores, they were all out. No TomTom this weekend. :(
Sorry to hear that you did not get your TT for your trip. Maybe the next BB around the corner has it:) . As others have said most people who purchase these units probably never have major problems. If you do here is where you come so the ratio of problems to no problems is a bit misleading.
As far as discrepancies I think you will find tht most of the time the routes will be similar. I suppose if you ask two different people for directions there may also be some differences. And when traveling locally you will probably know some better routes than any brand GPS will provide. Enjoy your unit when you get one.
Three Best Buys later and no LE. Even though the website states it is in stock for those stores, they were all out. No TomTom this weekend. :(

Why don't you try purchasing it through and picking it up at a store? I know exactly what you mean with it saying its 'In stock' and not being there when you arrive at the store. Apparently, whats on the website isn't the most up to the minute accurate and doesn't account for those who purchased it on the site to pick it up at the store (according to an employee).

Just my 2 cents, I own a Go 720 and Garmin nuvi 350 and I prefer the tomtom routing engine over garmin's in my area. Also, with tomtom you can edit your route to exclude certain roads or highways unlike garmin (which is ridiculous that you still can't even in their newest units) which is a must for me.
UPDATE: My wife evidentally was just as aggravated as I was about not finding the LE that she went and bought a ONE XL-S last night. It is double what I was looking to spend, but it was the only ONE in town.

So far I like it, except the fact that I cannot scroll the map unless I go to the browse map function and I cannot tap POI's to show their info. A friend has a Magellan with those features that I really enjoy.
Your right, when you see a POI comming up, I cannot look to see what it actually is. Absolutely useless to see if you cannot tell what it is. I made a short trip today with my new 920 and found numerous erros in the maps such as incorrect exit numbers and has a lack of POIs. I have used Mapopolis for several years with my Pocket PC and graduated to the TOMTOM and although happy, not as accurate for picking POIs and general map quality. Mapopolis used the Navtec and was very accurate on all the things I saw wrong today. At least with TT, you can edit, but that is on things you know about and if yuo don't know the area, who knows to edit? I'm still happy with TT, however not sure if I should have gone with Garmen still.

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