EV Charge Points

On the application it is not possible to add a personal point of interest file.

Charging stations for electric vehicles are already included in the app.

Settings > map > view on map > points of interest checked charging station.
Main menu > Settings > Vehicle Profile > Engine > Electric
This will replace gas stations by charging points.
I see on their website it says you can see if the EV charger points are available (I presume working and free etc) like ZapMap & ABRP, but can't seem to see how to make this work in the IOS App, I've set my vehicle to electric so now see the chargers on route but when I select one it tells me a bit about it and I can add it to current route, but gives me no actual chsrger status. Am I doing something wrong or is this an offering via API that TomTom offer to 3rd parties but do not actually offer directly to us users? I want to see charger speed (50kWh, 350kWh etc, price, availability etc)...

The GO Navigation app cannot do that yet in that detail. The app shown on that page is AmiGO.

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