does tom tom know where hwy 17 is in BC

Feb 25, 2015
TomTom Model(s)
on October 8 last year I drove from the ferry right across town in an RV.
tom tom had no idea where I was, it listed little streets only.
has this been updated yet?
hwy 17 is a MAJOR route.
thanks all
Still a bit confused. Are you saying that your unit could not take you from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Tynehead Park? Where in Tynehead were you trying to go?

For example, if I ask the TomTom map about a route between 49.011648, -123.122835 (the terminal) and an arbitrary point on a road in Tynehead at 49.181653, -122.756520, there is no problem getting from one to the other, and it certainly knows where 17 is.

What you see below comes from TomTom's route planner, which uses their map.


We still need to know exactly your start point and your desired end point.
Thanks for the good news. When i drove it last october tom tom then had no idea I was on a hwy
Hold on here. The reason why I have been prodding you for additional information is that my GO 930 in 2009 had no problems at all getting me onto 17 and the ferry quay when I came up from Bellingham, WA.
please remind me how to check the route to see that handy map
XL 340 TM
note we were using the tom tom ONLY to see where we were. not planning a trip.
maybe that part had not been updated then
Find the red hands TomTom HOME icon in your systray. Right click it and select "Plan a route". You won't even have to remember the url that way!
I don't know if the XL340TM has similar menu pages as my 930 but in mine I tap the arrow on thr main screen, and get


I then tap the Help me! icon and get


I then tap Where am I? and get


The North and West coordinates put the location within a few metres of actual.

That screen shows the name of the major road on which the car is located and the name of the cross road,

I made screen prints of the above, got the audible shutter click but the newest shots are form December 2014. I then took snaps and massaged them.
thanks arno
that is what I did on hwy 17 where it thought I was on a little road...
canderson... you can only do what arno says on this model
I wasn't talking about the map on the unit -- I was showing how you can see what's on TomTom's maps currently - online.
I doubt the online maps are identical to the where am I info. should be but....
Depends. Often, the currently released map for the unit itself is actually a little ahead of the online map. We've never understood why.

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