Difference between European maps

Jan 27, 2013
Hi there,

can someone tell me the diffrence between "Western and Central Europe map" that I have been using until now and that seemed to have pretty big coverage over whole Europe and "Europe map" whis has also pretty similar size?

You don't say what model you are using and it's not in your profile.....

However, I can tell you this.

1. My Go940 originally had what TT called "Western and Central Europe" mapping. 2. For the last several updates the map offered has been called "Europe" by TT Home.
3. But when it gets installed on my unit, it gets put into the original "Western and Central Europe" folder and the unit STILL calls it "Western and Central Europe" on the Switch maps page and on the info screen.

4. The exact same map, when installed on my Go950 gets called "Europe" as that's the original map name the device was supplied with.

So my supposition is that there was a W+C Europe map some time ago, that WAS different, but it is now exactly the same as "Europe".
I think you are correct. I had the same question for my 930T and google search brought me to this forum

>> then, from theTT website I found this :

Europe (Western & Central Europe) - Detailed map ...
... be able to install the complete map on their device, but will be able to choose
between and switch map zones. One zone is approximately 800MB. ...

Nice forum to have found
Thanks all

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