Difference between gas POIs

Dec 5, 2010
Pacifica by San Francisco
TomTom Model(s)
possibly a XXL 540TM
I have searched the pdf manual and seen the POI category descriptions on the device. I don't see where the POI on the left is defined anywhere.

I want to know because I can't move it via map corrections (does not show) nor Manage POIs (does not show). The graphic seems to say Fuel Price but I don't see where to turn that off anywhere.

I am happy with the gas icon on the right. Why does there have to be two different icons?

I need to check more carefully to verify, but I believe that the fuel price service from TomTom is providing price data for the one on the left, but that while it's aware of the one on the right as a fuel station, it has no price data for it.
More information?

A Map Correction for ?$gas? stations split the icon into two entities. The $ icon always stays anchored in its original place, and the other that is created is the one that is allowed to move around.

So with two gas icons now, care has to be taken that the repositioned POI gets selected in navigation. In this case, if the $ is selected for navigation, U-turn instructions result instead of a standard left turn into the gas station parking lot. It is confusing enough for at least this unique POI because the driver would have to look for the station in the back side of the parking lot as it is somewhat secluded/hidden.

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